Twistlock / Cloud platform

The Task

Design a new, up-to-date system design with a clear and focused User Interface.

Guiding principle

Simplicity, cleanliness, and focus.

The solution / design process

I created a clear buffer between the top of the screen containing the main tabs and
the bottom of the screen with a row of secondary tabs, which I designed with a different
and unique look to create a clearer hierarchy between the tab types.
The left side panel is now detached and differs in color to enable users to better focus
on the middle part of the interface.
Additional hierarchical division and clear buffer are also made between the top search area and the results area below it.
The idea in the list of results was to provide a clear initial information about the total number of
items and the number of protected items.
The non-protected items are visually emphasized with standout buttons that call for protection
in the data shown in the extension of the line.
The UI is mostly painted in a neutral shade except for some paint spots designed to highlight relevant areas.